Thursday, 31 July 2014

Cook Redisplay Begins

Work started this week on the Lower Gallery of the museum (this gallery space is now closed until the 5th September) to prepare for the installation of a new case for the Cook-voyage collections.

Taking the Mourner's costume headdress off its mount

 On Monday, we deinstalled the Tahitian Mourner's costume exhibition, moving most of the pieces to the conservation lab.  We will be working over the summer with Rachael Lee from the Textiles Conservation section at the Victoria and Albert Museum to make a mount for the complete costume for the new display.

Removing featherwork from display

While we were doing this, Collections staff emptied some of the featherwork cases, which have to be moved to allow the new case to fit into the corner of the gallery.  The current Cook case will be dismantled next weekend.