Friday, 28 June 2013

Photographing Barkcloth

Last week we photographed some of the large backcloths and mats from the Cook-voyage collections here at the Pitt Rivers.  This takes a bit of planning, as the only way to do it is to use the Researcher's Room, which has a light well opening into the floor above.  We can lay the barkcloth out on the floor or table, and take a photo by leaning over the railing. One barkcloth, recorded as being in three pieces, turned out to actually be a single piece, over 12m long - much too big even for that space!  Here are a few of the images, which will soon be available on the Pitt Rivers online databases, and on the new Cook-voyage collection website, currently under construction.

Barkcloth, Tonga  1886.1.1225

Mat, Tonga  1886.1.1172

Barkcloth, Tahiti  1886.1.1234

Barkcloth, Tahiti 1886.1.1240

Mat, Tonga 1886.1.1174